گواستنەوەی بێبەرامبەر

Sonic Vibration-Skin Cleansing Professional System: Specifically designed heads in synergy with a constant high-frequency vibration to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and revive your skin Cleansing-Gentle deep cleansing suitable for all skin typers. It is important to thoroughly and effectively remove impurities and dead cells, immediately leaving your skin fresh, smooth and soft. Two brushes: for a normal skin typer, extra-soft for a delicate and ultra-sensitive skin. Activation - A pleasant and delicate massage to enhance the application and absorption of cosmetic products. A head with a soft latex surface. Peeling - Removes superficial dead cells and helps stimulate cell regeneration. Your skin instantly appears smoother with a brightee complexion. Brush with medium-hard bristles. Micromassage - A specific and energising massage to enhance microcirculation. It also facilitates the absorption of cosmetic products. Head with micro-fingers. From the very first session the skin appears more vibrant, fresher and brighter, soft and smooth. Deeply cleansed skin optimally takes on the active ingredients of the cosmetic products applied after the treatment.