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[yprm_slide_carousel][yprm_slide_carousel_item uniqid=”5e87130c5bcb5″ image=”6498″ heading=”Personal Shopping” desc=”Use Boombeene to shop for everyday goods on your favorite shopping websites. Create multiple orders and pay for them all at once to combine the shipping weight to get further discounted rates. We’ll buy your orders and deliver them to you!”][yprm_slide_carousel_item uniqid=”5e871359208ba” image=”6495″ heading=”Business Membership” desc=”Upgrade to our business account to receive discounted shipping rates and lower commission fees. This membership upgrade is perfect for resellers and small businesses to save on shipping fees. Rates starting as low as $5 per pound!”][yprm_slide_carousel_item image=”6501″ heading=”No Sales Tax” desc=”You can now save 9.25% in sales tax by shopping at select websites. No sales tax on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, BHPhoto, New Egg and any other website or seller who accepts our resale certificate.” uniqid=”60e48516342ed”][yprm_slide_carousel_item image=”6504″ heading=”Air Cargo” desc=”Our cargo services are for total orders weighing over 500 LBs. The more your total weight is, the cheaper the rate becomes. This is perfect if you need to buy merchandise in bulk for resell or if you’re a company needing supplies or equipment.” uniqid=”60db880bffe2b”][/yprm_slide_carousel]
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[yprm_icon_box hover_type=”type2″ cols=”xs:1,” uniqid=”5e872311246e8″ icon_color=”#001c7b” title_color=”#001c7b”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-sale” uniqid=”5e8723864a749″ link=”url:%23|||” heading=”No Sales Tax” desc=”Shop tax free on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BHPhoto, NewEgg and other websites that accept our tax free status.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-shop” uniqid=”5e87231fb147d” link=”url:%23|||” heading=”Shop Anywhere” desc=”Our services allow you to purchase from most websites online. We don’t limit you to specific websites so you can access more products online.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-shopping-cart” uniqid=”5e87234f1b7d3″ link=”url:%23|||” heading=”Multi Order Checkout” desc=”You can select multiple orders that have been processed by us and pay for all the selected orders at one time to save on shipping.”][/yprm_icon_box]
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[yprm_icon_box hover_type=”type2″ cols=”xs:1,” uniqid=”5e872649df00c” icon_color=”#001c7b” title_color=”#001c7b”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-box” uniqid=”5e87235dc112d” link=”url:%23|||” heading=”Shipping Discounts” desc=”By combining your orders together, you’re able to get discounted shipping rates based on the total weight of the combined orders.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-truck” uniqid=”5e872378a5a5c” link=”url:%23|||” heading=”Simple Process” desc=”Simply load your account balance with cash, Pelepare, or Zain Cash to begin shopping online. We’ll process your orders and buy them once you confirm.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”ottro-icon-digital-marketing” uniqid=”5e87236a80a7b” link=”url:%23|||” heading=”Mobile Apps” desc=”Download our apps and be able to shop online on your mobile device. Simply share the link from your mobile browser to the Boombeene app to begin your order.”][/yprm_icon_box]
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Combine your processed orders and pay together to receive discounted shipping rates based on the total weight of the orders combined.

Item Price is required
Item Quantity is required
Item weight is required
Total Weight is required
Free Members
Business Members
Chargeable Weight:
Shipping Rate:

Order Cost:
US Shipping:
US Tax:
Shipping Cost:
Estimated Total Order Cost:
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Pay no sales tax when shopping on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BHPhoto, NewEgg, and other select websites. Sales tax will be collected for websites that do not accept our resale certificate.

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[yprm_video background_size=”contain” background_position=”100% 50%” style=”style3″ content_color=”black” heading_size=”h4″ uniqid=”5e872c18997d8″ video=”″ heading=”Multiple Orders
Single Checkout.” text=”You can now combine multiple confirmed orders and checkout one time to receive discounted shipping rates.” height=”500″ css=”{}” background_color=”#ff8000″ background_image=”4553″]
[yprm_heading heading_size=”h3″ uniqid=”5e7c57abd8e89″ sub_heading=”we’re here to help” heading=”FAQs” css=”{“mobile_portrait“: {“margin-bottom“: “40“}}”][yprm_testimonials type=”show-active-element” slider_autoplay=”off” uniqid=”5e7c60e99668b” cols=”xs:1,md:2,” css=”{“tablet_portrait“: {“margin-top“: “-75“}}” background_color_on_hover=”#ff8000″][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e7c60f9981bd” avatar=”51″ quote=”You’ll need to register online or download our mobile apps to get started. To begin submitted orders for processing you’ll need to load your account balance using cash, Pelepare, or Zain Cash wallet.” name=”How do I get started?” post=”Registration”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e7c612d40287″ avatar=”50″ quote=”It’s simple now! Once you send us orders, we’ll process them and wait for your confirmation. Once your orders are processed, select them all and go to the checkout. Our system will calculate the total weight of all orders combined and you will receive the discounted shipping rate.” name=”How do I save on shipping?” post=”Combine Orders”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e7c614202301″ avatar=”83″ quote=”This depends on which website you are shopping on. Websites such as Amazon, Walmart & eBay ship faster than others so we receive those purchases sooner. Once we receive your order at our U.S. warehouse, it takes about 10 to 15 days for orders to arrive to your location.” name=”What is the transit time?” post=”Transit Time”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”60c512c8976a6″ avatar=”83″ quote=”We do not collect sales tax for order on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BHPhoto, NewEgg and any other website who accepts our sales exempt status.” name=”Do I have to pay sales tax?” post=”Sales Tax”][/yprm_testimonials]
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To use Boombeene, you must have money in your account balance. To load your account balance, you can come to any of our locations to pay by cash or you can use Nass Wallet and Zain Cash.

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We are ready to assist you with shopping online. If you have any questions before getting started, please feel free to contact us.